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Wed, 15th November 2017

A recent men's sex survey shows that "erectile dysfunction" (in med-speak) afflicts about 25% of the male population over 45. Another survey indicates it is more likely to be well over 50%, for most men will not openly discuss it, least of all with their family doctor or health counsellor. This, despite the fact the release of viagra recently showed that 84% of men using this medication gained considerable improvement. Viagra is very safe, reports the Harvard Health letter, but not to be taken with those on nitrate medication for the heart. The "gold standard" for these men is still the penile injection alprostadil and a pellet form is also available, besides other forms of treatment. Major problem is getting men through the doctors surgery door. Men, if this is your problem, talk to your GP this week.

Doctors have heard every known story. Nothing embarrasses them, for they deal in human flesh every day, pressing, pushing, poking and prodding. If they're not embarrassed, why should you? Conversely, women are well accustomed to bearing all, and being jolted, checked and examined, specially as pregnancy is a major part of most women's life. Breast and cervical smear tests are a regular routine. For men, it all seems different and although happy to tell bawdy jokes, when it comes to themselves, guys back off.

Some blokes, particularly smokers, are specially liable to the problems. Also diabetics - and there are well over three million in Australia, half males, they benefit most. Half will experience sex problems and in many trials have shown that more than nearly 60% benefited from simple treatment.

Sensible living is also important. Not smoking - a major cause - plenty of exercise, a sensible spread of fruit, vegetables, legumes, wholemeal bread, cereals, proteins and dairy products, rest and freedom from stress are also important.



Mum wonders if Glucosamine is as beneficial for arthritis as the claims being made, and do doctors approve.


More than 37 major studies published in mainstream doctor medical journals over the past 30 years indicate Glucosamine is beneficial, safe, effective and relatively cheap. Side effects are minimum, no script is required, and its readily available around Australia - dose on label. It is often given in combination with chondroitin. Recently JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Assn) said "benefits range from moderate to large".

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I often carry a toothpick in my pocket for dental care. Recently it deeply pierced my finger by the abnormally sharp end, now I have a very red tender swollen finger. What now?


Try alternate hot and cold bathing, then apply tea tree oil or suitable antiseptic, and see the doctor promptly. You may need a tetanus booster (usually now given as an ADT - Adult Diphtheria Tetanus shot) and antibiotics. In future wrap toothpicks in a tissue and in an infrequently used pocket or purse.

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My "you know what" looks like a curved banana when erect, making happy sex a major problem. Do I need a transplant?


You need to consult a urologist, many of whom will surgically remove "plague", firm material that builds up on the urethral tube lining, and contracts causing the bend. It's often due to "Peyronnie's disease", frequently seen in young men. Don't despair, and don't compare notes with your mates.

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We're constantly hearing of "gene technology", but in reality what is this?


It maybe defined as a "specific subset of biotechnology", based on the manipulation and modification ('recombination') of the genetic materials of living organisms to develop new characteristics, processes and products. "The Children's Medical Research Institute says "biotechnology" is "the application of biological processes to make products that are useful to society, some of which include food, medicine and chemical compounds". The real world of 2020 is soon to burst forth with amazing repercussions, many highly beneficial to all. It has already started.

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My girlfriend wants to have it off 3-4 times a night. I find I'm "done in" after once. From then on I'm a miserable failure until 24-48 hours later.


Seminal fluid build-up takes time. This is what causes arousal and ejaculatory performance. More is O.K., but preferably spread over longer time frames. Alternately, tactile stimulation can give her enjoyment if she craves "more, more, and still more".

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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