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Wed, 8th November 2017

A recent men's sex survey shows that "erectile dysfunction" (in med-speak) afflicts about 25% of the male population over 45. Another survey indicates it is more likely to be well over 50%, for most men will not openly discuss it, least of all with their family doctor or health counsellor. This, despite the fact the release of viagra recently showed that 84% of men using this medication gained considerable improvement. Viagra is very safe, reports the Harvard Health letter, but not to be taken with those on nitrate medication for the heart. The "gold standard" for these men is still the penile injection alprostadil and a pellet form is also available, besides other forms of treatment. Major problem is getting men through the doctors surgery door. Men, if this is your problem, talk to your GP this week.

Doctors have heard every known story. Nothing embarrasses them, for they deal in human flesh every day, pressing, pushing, poking and prodding. If they're not embarrassed, why should you? Conversely, women are well accustomed to bearing all, and being jolted, checked and examined, specially as pregnancy is a major part of most women's life. Breast and cervical smear tests are a regular routine. For men, it all seems different and although happy to tell bawdy jokes, when it comes to themselves, guys back off.

Some blokes, particularly smokers, are specially liable to the problems. Also diabetics - and there are well over three million in Australia, half males, they benefit most. Half will experience sex problems and in many trials have shown that more than nearly 60% benefited from simple treatment.

Sensible living is also important. Not smoking - a major cause - plenty of exercise, a sensible spread of fruit, vegetables, legumes, wholemeal bread, cereals, proteins and dairy products, rest and freedom from stress are also important.



The other day a middle aged man passing me in the street raised his hat and said, "Good afternoon". Not being a raving beauty, I'm wondering if he was simply being polite or making a pass.


Surely your inbuilt instinct would tell you. Believe it or not, as more people wear hats today, chivalry lingers in some with earlier parental training and breeding, as children. Accept it as a compliment, to you, a woman. Enjoy. It will probably never be repeated. I doubt if he is a sex maniac.

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I am going abroad shortly and want to know how do I obtain vaccination against typhoid?


One single injection of Typherix is adequate for adults and children two years and older. It comes in pre-packaged sterile syringes either with two different sized needles used according to size of the patient. It may be given with antibiotics or anti-malaria medication, lasts 3 years and is given at least 2 weeks before departure.

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I've followed the admonition to take a daily 30 minute walk and reduce fat intake for 10 years. I never miss. Over the time I've reduced weight from 100 kilos to 68, no longer get puffed, feel exhilarated, sleep better, donít feel hungry, have a better shape, and life is marvellous! It costs nothing.


What a sensible person. This simple lifestyle routine could help 90% of the population, reduce illness and slash health costs and misery. Try it and see.

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My grandmother says sieved paw paw is good for my constipated infant.


This is good advice. Natural, high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and it invariably works, often swiftly and effectively! It's also harmless too.

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I'm aged 13 and in seventh class at high school. A guy in year 8 approached and invited me to the pictures. I later discovered he had a bet with his mates he could coax me to say yes. I merely said "Go Get a Life" and walked off. He's ugly as well as crass. Was this wise?


What a well brought up young lady. Full marks. Others would have kicked him in the shins. As I am sure, at your mature age, you already know young blokes have one thing only on their minds when they invite sweet young babes out for the evening. Well done!

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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