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Wed, 26th July 2017

Dizzy bouts are an extremely common and worrying condition and adversely affect vast numbers of people. But details of a simple do-it-yourself remedy is reported from Boston this week. Already, it is carried out by a few doctors, but is largely unknown.

The condition's technical name is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. It consists of a sudden onset of dizziness, maybe nausea, often when the head is moved. It is now believed to be caused by minute particles of debris floating in the fluid of the semi-circular canals of the middle ear. The doctor teaches the patient to lie on the back with the head extending from the end of the bed. The head is then moved to the left, then the right, repeated lying on the back and again as the patient sits up. Particles gravitate through the canals to lodge in a chamber called the utricle out of harm's way, and symptoms often vanish. It may have to be repeated. Simple head shaking can often give temporary relief.

It is really a three step manoeuvre. Ideally, the doctor will perform the treatment. Success rate is usually 80% after one treatment, and 100% with more than one.

However, just as the unwanted particles accumulated in the first case, so recurrences may take place in up to 30$ of cases over the following 2-3 years. However, it is a simple drug free method.

Naturally, a medical check is always carried out first to make certain there is no sinister underlying disease. In the great majority it is a simple uncomplicated symptom, as the head takes on certain positions.

Today, no symptoms should be neglected, for early diagnosis and successful treatment is often available irrespective of the condition.



Will the application of honey prevent leg ulcers?


Dark honey is often successful in treating leg ulcers, but it will not prevent them. Ideally, check and treat varicose veins, lose weight if obese, avoid smoking, take some vigorous exercise each day, avoid constipation. These are the well-known causes of ulcers. Most are preventable.

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I have a nasty red facial rash, and the lotions and tablets prescribed by my GP have only made it worse. I am very conscious of it.


Stop everything. Wash with a non-alkaline soap daily using body warmth water. Dab dry with a very soft towel. Until you see the skin specialist, try sprinkling and gentle massaging with corn-flour at night. Sounds old time (and I is), but often works. Allergies may play a part. The non-sedating antihistamines may assist in the interim. Food and cosmetic allergies can readily occur.

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Are there any simple natural non-drug methods of reducing cholesterol?


Heaps. Reduce all animal fats in your diet. Check and you'll be amazed at the fat containing foods. Psyllium (from plantain), garlic, ginseng, guar gum, ginger, fenugreek seeds. Liquorice and onions are all capable of reducing it. Fresh garlic cloves have been used for years as a culinary delight. Nevertheless, if simple measures do not work, medication today is often very successful. Talk to your doctor.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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