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Wed, 31st May 2017

Every week my in-box is littered with appealing letters from those seeking greater sexual pleasure and satisfaction. I am sure heaps of readers also receive line after line of spam mail, offering products for such pleasure seekers. So, today, we have some answers.

First, all living creatures including humans are built with enormous sexual drive, plus the gear to fulfill such needs. It is natural, basic, normal, primordial, with an inbuilt microchip. This is present simply for the procreation of the species. In humans, it is maximum between 16 and 35 years, after which it declines, usually rapidly.

The glans (head of the penis) in men, and clitoris (at the vaginal entry in women) contains billions of nerves which under stimulation, produce enormous mental and physical pleasure. The mad urge is to continue to seek this gratification, basically to induce pregnancy.

Now, the issues which reduce libido are well known. Stress heads the list. This produces reduced sexuality, desire, and achievement. All types of stress. Review your lifestyle and try pulling stress out of the equation if you want ongoing sexual magic to continue.

Eight hours sleep a night is vital to refresh ebbing sexual capacity. Alcohol is a sex kill me dead. It may increase desire, but crucifies performance. Smoking is probably the biggest destroyer. It damages the blood flow to the glans and clitoris, reduces sensation and in men erectile capacity. Stop smoking and avoid smokers.

This symptom is also the first sign of impending heart disease. Many doctor prescribed medications reduce sexuality. Specially sedatives, the stomach acid suppressants, beta blockers and others. Talk to your doctor and a change in medication may be possible.

Ambience is vital. Screaming kids next room are a turnoff. So are fights, arguments, loud words. Tender loving care and tactile stimulation are vital ingredients for success. Forget the idea of surgery in that area, for vital nerves may be severed, further destroying feeling. Today, there are many doctor operated sexual clinics. Get referred by your GP - do not reply on newspaper or yellow page ads.



In glaucoma patients, does regular consumption of alcohol have an adverse effect?


Glaucoma means increase pressure of the fluid in the eye. Untreated it may lead to blindness. Small daily amounts of alcohol do not have an adverse effect, the eye specialists say. Some claim it may reduce pressure in the short term. But If a non- drinker, do not start for this reason.

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Which is worse for body shape fat or carbs?


Ideally strike a happy balance. Whatever you eat, be it fat or carbs, excess kJs eaten over what is burnt as energy will inevitably increase fat deposits and your weight. Ideally go for low fat foods (specially animal fat and fried foods), and be modest with carbs. Shun pies, cakes, sweets, fizz drinks, and too much plonk, fast foods, all high in kJs Go for fruit, veggies, wholemeal breads, berries, nuts, legumes, low fat dairy products and fish.

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I am a non drinker, and in my circle I am the only person who does not imbibe. My grandfather was an alcoholic, so alcohol was factored out of the equation of living from infancy.


There are still plenty in a similar position by choice. Do not let it worry you. I have been a lifetime non drinker, and it does not worry me, and I still mix socially and professionally with heaps who swim in alcohol when not working. Lemon lime and bitters looks like beer, and is a tangy refreshing alternative.

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I understand Botox now has a place in treating migraine.


Certainly, and the botox menu seems to continue to explode daily, as its use extends. It has a place in migraine, as it paralyses muscle fibres. However, there are cheaper alternatives. The "triptans" head the list (script). But one simple aspirin tablet each day (after food) helps others.

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Do fat babies lead to fat infants, and ultimately fat adults, with increased risk of diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease.


The answer is "Yes, yes, yes." That's why care in feeding infants and establishing rules from birth are essential. Often thin kids become fat ones, and vice versa. It all depends on what mum starts them off. Altering food preference later in life is virtually impossible. Avoid sweets as "reward" for good behaviour - offer a cut up orange or watermelon instead.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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