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Wed, 3rd May 2017

You can kick them, swear at them, or pat them with love and the answer is just the same. Every time. Dogs are mans best friend. They offer unconditional affection. They look into your eyes, and say "Thanks, I love you. I am your friend forever".

Every kid needs a dog, every adult must enjoy, at some stage in life, the bond between human and four legs and the wobbly body they carry. Lots of people live alone. Companionship of a dog can help keep anxiety and depression at bay. Horrible black thoughts, which often try and creep into the conscious mind can be annulled by the presence of "Ever Faithful".

To older people they spell company, a living object nearby, protection and affection. To kids, they are often like a brother or sister, who cares and will keep them out of harms way. Few nasty intruders will approach a kid with a dog. They know from experience the dog is on the kids side and will protect it to the bitter end. Try somebody else, try a house (at the midnight hour) when a ferociously barking dog is not around.

It spells both safety and contentment and pleasure. Throw a ball, and he will retrieve it, and lovingly drop it at your feet. Many nursing homes have a dog. It will gently pad around visiting each resident each day. Most will offer a tit bit - that's why they are so fat - even more delectable. It is said dogs can help reduce blood pressure in hypertensives, soothe nerves and aid sleep in insomniacs, reduce black feelings or bad tempers in others.

That's also why many will not leave their home and go into a "village" where pets are not allowed. Understandable. Yes, they may carry a few "bad bugs", but this pales into insignificance when weighed against the positives. Never stop loving your ever faithful Fido.



Imagine my frustration when at a public loo trying to urinate - I stand and wait. Meantime a 10 year old kid runs in - squirt squirt, and out again, whilst I am still there struggling to "get going".


You and half a million other middle aged to older guys have the same problem. Called BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) it simply means the prostate, a gland situated below the bladder, is growing. That means the tube narrows, making it hard to start. Often aggravated by being in strange "public" places. Time to see the doctor for a check. Enlarged prostates sometimes turn into cancer, which may be mild, or very aggressive and can kill within 6 months. Do not procrastinate.

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I am middle aged, and note I am losing hair causing bald patches on the scalp, which are the size of a 10c coin. It is gradually worsening. Will I recover?


This is called "alopecia areata" and is common in women, including teenagers. Often it is due to stress, and the hair bulb temporarily shuts down. The hair falls out. When in the same area, baldness may occur in various locations. Often, it "cures itself", as you overcome the stressful situation, the anxiety, or depression which often accompanies it. Some kids twist hairs around a finger and gradually pull - so bald spot occurs as the hair is dragged from its moorings. Relaxation therapy (hypnotherapy) is often helpful. See your doctor. Medication is rarely needed.

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I am amazed at how little people wash their hands.


Fortunately, the skin is coated with a very mild natural disinfectant which tends to kill most unwanted germs. Nevertheless, always wash your hands after visiting the loo or preparing food. Transferring germs, causing gastric and throat upsets head the list. If you sneeze into your hand, wash it before shaking hands with the next potential victim. Who wants your filthy unwelcome germ laden snot in their hands.

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There seems to be dozens of brands of soap - which is best.


Soap is essentially made from fat and caustic soda, which means it is highly alkaline. The skin does not like this, and will often dry out and become itchy and uncomfortable. Also, fragrances and colouring agents may also cause negative reactions. Ideally go for alkaline free soaps, such as Neutrogena, pH5.5 Ego QV bar, Dove or Cetaphil. These are very soothing and do not irritate the skin or drag water from its surface.

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With all the carry-on about carbon emissions, I never see any of the protagonists riding their bike to work. All drive cars, use aeroplanes, watch TV and enjoy all of the other comforts which cause the emissions they are trying to stop.


It has become an industry in itself and of course, nobody is prepared to forego anything that decreases their enhanced lifestyle. Say what they like, we are all hypocrites, saying one thing and meaning another, specially when it is the other person at fault. We are all wonderful at giving advice freely to others. As the Scriptures have been saying for the past 2000 years!

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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