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Tue, 24th January 2017

"With so much social focusing on body image, how can a teenager safely bolster bust dimensions?" My email screen asks every working day. The answer is straight forward. There is no known safe way. Breast development is under hormonal control, and there is also a genetic predisposition. If unhappy, blame mum or granny to start with.

Female hormones kick in at puberty when ovulation starts. Breast tissue is simply layers of fat, milk glands and ducts covered with skin and nothing else. There is no cream, lotion, athletic device that will make 'em bigger. In most, firmness increases pre-periods (higher water retention), but drops after that (as water drains away).

The pill has the same effect of pregnancy, similar hormones being introduced artificially. Today's focus on glamour surgery (implants) is crazy for anyone before they have completed their family, as the final outcome (sagging, and often around the implant) will only make 'em look more unattractive. What's up with nature anyhow.

Personality and attitude count much more. If any guy is attracted merely by body shape, give him the quick flick. Less breast size often means more brain power. Get it?



I can't get a bloke and am scary of stuff on the net.


I agree, and it may be fun, but who knows. I know of a young family split up. The Aussie girl surfed the net, met and married a guy in Canada with four kids, she took her kids and after four years it is still going well. Now, the split parties and new parties intermingle, take overseas excursions and have a great time. But maybe that is a fairytale exception. Ideally hang out with a compatible group. Don't rule out church social groups where customs and standards are similar. There are heaps of non nut cases who attend these groups.

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To comply, one must be with the current fashion. On my pay, with what's left, there is no place for the high priced gear my friends seem to wear. It is very depressing.


No excuse. Visit the Op Shops. Here, truckloads of stuff is available. Often is label designer stuff, not even out of the original pack. Someone with plenty of dough either increase/decrease size, and drop them into the Op Shop. Many smart chicks get some of their outfits this way and look stunning. Who knows! Self esteem increases at minimum cost.

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What's best for an itchy leg?


First, don't scratch. The more you tear at the skin, the worse it gets. Skin dries out more in cooler weather. Cover with a cold face flannel. Most settle down. Use a skin moisturiser, or simple urea cream 10%. This is cheap, simple and usually rehydrates skin which becomes dry and irritable. Get a blood sugar test for diabetes carried out, often an underlying cause.

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Why do kids like glue sniffing?


Because it often gives them a mental rush. As kids, we pieced together model aeroplanes made from balsa wood. The adhesive contained acetone and we loved the smell. Fortunately, there was never enough to become addictive or harm. Like any other volatile solvents, it is possible to OD. This may cause a sudden heart irregularity and sudden death.

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We are advised to stretch often before activity, and to "limber up". But for how long?


Stretching is the best way of keeping muscle fibres, joint capsules, joints themselves supple and free from discomfort. Stretching must be for a minimum of thirty seconds. If you do one part of the body, immediately do the opposite side. Again 30 seconds. You may do this several times. Some pick a set of muscles each day. Limbs, neck and back head the list.

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