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Wed, 21st December 2016

Jammed up doctor's waiting rooms, ten days for an appointment, buckets of pills. Well, all I can say is "Crazy Us". The point being, whatever we think is wrong in majority of cases it didn't need to happen in the first case. Majority of ills are pretty simple and many are due to self neglect.

Why did you get a cold or "flu" as it is now incorrectly called. I've been telling my readers for decades "Keep warm, keep dry, keep out of drafts and avoid smokers". Does anyone listen? Of course not. So they get a viral infection, feel crook for a week, probably consume $100 of medication, shirk work for 7 days and go back still feeling miserable.


Cover your mouth when coughing, preferably with a disposable paper tissue. Wash your hands after wiping your snotty nose. If in a lift full or sneezing human freight, place a hanky over your nose so you wont inhale their bugs (which can travel 3 metres). Always drink plenty of water (1.5 L a day - not fizz drinks).

Avoid lifting heavy gear which will overstretch muscles fibres n the back causing muscle spasm and pain. Get someone to help or use a trolley. Majority of backaches are self inflicted.

If infants received the recommended immunisations now readily available, risks of these terrifying disease vanish. More and more young mums refuse, having never seen them, which means these dreaded diseases of yesteryear will inevitably recur, such as whooping cough, now occurring in adults.

Heaps of symptoms are stress related - try and negotiate with your boss with work related issues. Escalating credit card debt is a disaster and often self inflicted purchasing items not really essential. Sex issues (yes, no, too tired, have a headache), grog, smoking, fatigue, money also generate enormous stress, and in turn hundreds of needless symptoms. Take a walk every day, avoid junk food, chop down on fats and high carbs. Dr Nature fixes most illnesses. Just give it a helping hand.



I inadvertently picked up an empty cigarette box on the footpath the other day. I was horrified at the full panel warning, with horrific pictures of a person dying on a respirator. Same on the top half of the other side, with warnings on sides. The printed message was prominent and clear. So why do people continue to poison themselves, their kids both born and unborn?


Nicotine is a terribly addictive drug. Most girls start at 9-14 years from peer pressure and emulating mothers or film stars where smoking is increasing, probably reaping huge placement fees. 25 per cent of females smoke. The figure has barely moved in 50 years. About 20 per cent of men - down from 50 per cent two decades ago. If a few prescribed drugs cause adverse reactions, the government soon bans it, but reap massive taxes from coffin nails, so why stop it?

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I work in a battery hen phone call centre, with a woman alongside who uses perfume which makes me sneeze. I find it most objectionable and it interferes with my work. How do I get the message across as she sits less than a metre from me.


Have a quiet non aggressive chat with your supervisor. Many dislike perfume and react negatively. Still it is probably better than BO. If it is interfering with your work capacity, I am sure some action will quickly occur.

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A family friend is infected with worms and is terribly stressed out. She is very clean and fastidious.


You don't die from thread worms, the common kind. Which look like tiny chopped up bits of cotton. Correct diagnosis is preferable before treatment - they can often be seen crawling outside the anus at night - can be seen with a torch. Vermox or Combantrin are the two treatments of choice and highly successful. Recurrence is also common. Specially with school kids who rub their itchy botty, get eggs on their fingers, which are quickly transmitted to others via pens, toys, playthings, Swallowed, they rapidly hatch out. Wash hands after attending the loo and always before touching or eating food. Ideally, the entire family is dosed at the same time, then wash all bed linen in hot water to eliminate any eggs.

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I have quite a few facial hairs above the upper lip which are blond. The skin specialist says laser doesn't work with blond hairs.


True, so the old fashioned methods of electrolysis or depilatory creams are still widely used. Don't shave, for the next lot of growing hair will be hard like stubble. Why not just live with it. Apart from you, who really cares? In older women, it is very common as oestrogen levels fall and testosterone increases. Unkind world.

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Every day we hear more and more are being diagnosed as diabetics.


The medics continually lower the bar, which means more and more exceed 6.5 (some say 6.0 or even 5.5). I heard the figure of 3.6 million being bandied around the other day. Point is, try and avoid it from developing. Family history greatly increases the risks, genetic or otherwise. This is largely increased with overweight, low exercise levels, eating junk food, fried chips, drinking sweetened chemicalised fizz drinks, the plonk, with too few coloured veggies and fruit. Review your daily lifestyle and menu. An amputated leg is a nuisance.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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